Why Wear a Bow Tie?

Posted by Joseph Snell on

1. Bow Ties Make People Happy

 It’s not uncommon to see some people smile when they see a bow tie. In my personal experience this has happened multiple times with men and women. No matter where I've been, they still smile or give my bow tie a compliment from time to time. Another part of the compliment is the fact that bow ties at times are seen less than neck ties. 

2. Bow Ties Project Confidence

 Although bow tie admirers are certainly not exclusively women, the ladies are certainly some of the bow tie wear's more ardent proponents. There are many reasons why they like to see a man wearing one of them, but one of the biggest reasons is confidence. Wearing a bow tie will draw people to you and it demands respect and says that you have all the confidence in the world. 

 3. Personality

 I’ve grown to appreciate the ability to express myself through what I wear. During this time, the only true way to express myself was through ties. This was before I started to sport bow ties. I've always heard the saying, " Your actions will speak louder than your words." I let my bow ties speak for me.

 5. Signature Look

If you don’t currently wear bow ties, pretied or selftie, take the plunge!! It's not as intimidating as it seems to create your signature look. If you don't know how to tie a bow tie, learn how and join the Bow Tie Lifestyle.


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