Fairy Princess Face Mask

Zion' s BowTies

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•Zion's Face Mask are made of 100% cotton with double filtered material. They are a fashionable way to protect yourself from our current environmental challenges.

•Handwash with unscented sensitive skin laundry soap and let hang dry

•Mask ships within 1 week of purchase 



      Zion's Bow Ties was born out of my passion and desire to see the world changed through people of all walks of life. I started designing bow ties in 2014 and named my company after my son Zion as an inheritance for him. I must say that I simply love bow ties and the way the atmosphere changes wherever I go while wearing them. I believe bow ties are a finishing touch to any gentleman's or ladies' style of dress and an unspoken code that is translated through his or her body language.

      After retiring from the U.S. Army, I now mentor young boys at my kid's schools. I teach them how to be a gentleman, even though at times they may have negative experiences. Our vision is to provide positive influence to change the world and it must start with our young and older men. Currently I am experiencing an overflow of special request for my handcrafted work and I am amazed with the transformations in the lives of so many men, women and families. Come join us in this Great Movement of Raising Kings  & Queens and please do stay Bow Tie Fresh.